Steph Curry is Ruining the Game

I have heard several arguments lately that Stephen Curry and the way he plays is ruining youth basketball. I’ve heard this from people I respect but I’m going to say this- you are wrong. You are crazy wrong.

Steph plays the game the way he does because he has mastered it. While I understand that kids copying Steph, making crazy moves and shooting deep threes can turn them into a fundamental nightmare, you are missing the point. You are missing a golden opportunity to teach. Steph Curry can do that because he has worked harder than anyone else in the NBA on his skills and quite possibly more than anyone ever.

Steph has been the product of great skills coaches, great team coaches and the most important part- an unstoppable desire to become better. He feels the burn every day to prove all of those that told him he was too skinny, too short and not strong enough wrong. Not only has he silenced all those critics but he continues to defy all expectations of the player most thought he would be.  The best thing about it is Steph continues to improve. Take a step back and look how he prepares for each and every game.  Rather than walk onto the court and hope he plays well he takes the time to warm up his ball-handling skills, shooting mechanics and finishes. He prepares and leaves nothing to chance.

Steph Curry is the worst thing to happen to youth basketball? How about we all take a step back and look at how he got here- hard work and dedication. Do you think that teaching kids if you work hard enough you can do things no one ever even thought was possible is a bad thing? Didn’t think so. I’m pretty sure that might correlate to life.

Jump on the wagon.

#KeeponKeepinOnSteph #ChangetheGame #LeadByExample


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