So, You Want to Be Able to Shoot?

That must be true otherwise you wouldn’t have taken the time to even read to this point. Well great, did you head to the web? YouTube maybe? I’m sure that left you only scratching your head. Dip the ball, twist slightly this way, lean back and let that sucker fly right? Nah. Not cool.

I’ve played some hoops, changed my shot a ton of times and what has worked for me is using what I call “The Pocket Shooting System” trademark pending… someday. If you want to check out my blog on that follow this link-

That may seem easy and simple but it is a ton of work, both mentally and physically. People have all these crazy notions when it comes to shooting, not wanting to mess up this beautiful shot that does not exist. Newsflash- if you cannot make 60% of your shots by yourself in the gym you need to do something different. Good high school players shoot 60-70% by themselves, good college players 70-80% and pros are at a 90% clip. If you want to see where you’re at as a shooter, keep track of your stats while practicing. My point is that you have to be willing to change your form. It will feel terrible but I promise you have to work through it and find your shot. To me it’s a great metaphor for life, get over the fact that it might not feel great- it’s what you should do.

Outside of form is the second part of the equation which is reps. You have to dedicate yourself to doing it right and shooting over and over again until you master it. Shoot until your shoulders burn. There are some out there that are pure shooters, there are some out there who have worked to become good shooters but the great ones can marry both together.

Take the time to perfect your form and get high quality reps. If you want drills just send an email to If you want to see where your form can improve send a video of your shot. I’m happy to help and give you my opinion. My guess is you dip, push off with your off hand and don’t properly sit down. That’s just a guess though.

Take care and keep hooping.  #ThePocketShootingSystem  #ShotTransformation #FormandReps


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