My Life

To close the gap between my last blog and now will require a bit of catching up. August 28, 2012 seems like a lifetime ago. Here is the quick rundown of how in two years we added a new baby girl, bought a house, had 2 job changes and grew Roots into where it is today.


First and foremost Margo Nanette Wilson was born on June 12, 2013 in Olympia, WA to make the Wilson total to 3 kids. She is like the sour patch commercials, sweet but a little bit sour. She is developing quite the goofy personality.  We love her with all our hearts and couldn’t imagine life without her.

We also bought our first home and couldn’t be happier about it. Our new house was a foreclosure and wasn’t exactly in move in ready condition. Dominique and I immediately began working on it even though she was 9 months pregnant at the time. She is quite the trooper. So far we have torn down a wall, put in new hardwood flooring, replaced all the windows, replaced all the interior doors and painted the outside of the house. We still have a lot of work to do but are quite proud of our little remodel.


Roots has been amazing. We have gone from 4 AAU teams in 2012 to 17 AAU teams in the spring & summer season this year. We went from training 5-10 kids to 40-60 each month. We have also opened our first location with a tiny gym on 3rd Avenue. With this new gym we decided to go nonprofit and add football and baseball to create Roots Sports Academy. Scott Pisapia has been instrumental in our growth and continual execution of the day to day of Roots. All you Roots hoopers out there should thank him next time you see him because we wouldn’t be where we are without him. We also have to thank Pat Costello for generously helping us open our first location. He has been unbelievable.


My day to day life is nuts, and I am extremely blessed to have a wife who can deal with my basketball obsessed behavior. I went from managing a landscape company, to working for DPI Speciality Foods putting food to the shelf at Fred Meyer to my current position as an Advertising & Marketing Consultant for The Daily News. I am also an assistant coach for Lower Columbia College. So what these means is I work 8-5PM at the TDN, 5-7:30 Roots on weekdays and Roots 8-5PM on Saturdays. I am swamped so thank you to all those who are patient with my complete lack of communication. My wife is absolutely amazing and the Roots nation should thank her for putting up with me.

My goal is to write this blog as frequently as possible to share my ideas on hoops and life. Bare with me in typos, periods of not posting and my complete obsession with hoops. It has given me so much in life I am completely devoted to spreading love for basketball and sports. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoy here on out.

Keep Hooping,

Josh WIlson


Founder & Head Trainer Roots Basketball

CEO Roots Sports Academy


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